Our Story

In January of 2020, just one month shy of the COVID-19 pandemic, my sister, Lindsay Corry, was diagnosed with cancer. Lindsay passed away just eighteen months after her diagnosis on August 5, 2021. She had celebrated her 30th birthday two weeks prior. 

Lindsay not only experienced cancer, but she also lived nearly her whole life with Type 1 Diabetes, since eleven months old. Lindsay expressed and fulfilled her wish to help children and young teens with Type 1 Diabetes through her kind-mannered positive attitude, counseling, and artwork. Lindsay would never allow the disease in her life to define her, but we believe this reality shaped her as a person making her level of compassion for others extraordinary. 

Throughout the treatments, trials and tribulations Lindsay always had a strong support system emotionally and financially in her family. After watching and experiencing the heart-wrenching reality of disease, treatments, and trauma, Lindsay’s family has made it their mission to help young adults and children who face life-changing challenges.

Patient advocacy, loss of identity, PTSD, and counseling for young adults who face disease, disability, and differences are our main focus. If you are a part of or aware of a charity that can benefit from our help, please contact us today. 

Like Lindsay, we believe that every day, pay it forward. 

Definition: Pay it forward

  1. Respond to a person's kindness to oneself by being kind to someone else.
    "I will take the support I have had and try to pay it forward whenever I can."